Candidate Attorney Recruitment Programme at Legal Aid South Africa

By on February 17, 2017

Complete your articles with Legal Aid South Africa, the biggest law firm on the African continent. It boasts a unique pedigree of socially conscious legal professionals, who  in their everyday work, defend and protect the rights of the country’s most vulnerable groups including women, children, the elderly landless by providing legal advice and representation  in criminal and civil matters.

As the largest legal institution in Africa, Legal Aid South Africa offers unrivalled choice in legal career opportunities. The organisation recruits approximately 600 candidates’ attorneys every year, drawn from university graduates.

Through its candidate attorney recruitment programme, Legal Aid SA provides an invaluable gateway to the legal profession and has made an enormous contribution to the transformation of the profession. To date, the organisation has about 1700 attorneys in its employment. Positions are available countrywide.

The pool of entry level candidate attorneys provide the organisation with university trained legal graduates who are ready to serve articles and be to developed to become tenacious, competent, professional and skilful lawyers.

Once candidate attorneys have undergone the necessary training and development, and have been admitted as attorneys, the organisation offers star performers a comprehensive career path, which offers the opportunity for specialisation in criminal and civil law.

How to apply

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